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Case File #21-D: Bigfoot’s Baffling Beginnings

October 24, 2018

Over the course of the past few weeks, Alex and Myia have led viewers on an exploration into the nature of Bigfoot. This week on The Spoop Files, we examine his origins. Because who doesn't love a good origin story?

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Supplementary Files Bigfoot Timeline - a history of major events related to the bigfoot phenomenon

Interdimensional Origins - A Gaia article. Did you know they’re more than just Online? - One of two Mysterious Universe articles, this one being more in-depth - An article about a gent who painted an interdimensional sasquatch - An article that argues all bigfoot creatures are interdimensional ghosts - The article about Everyday Chemistry, a tape supposedly recovered from an alternate Earth where the Beatles never broke up (Gods I wish the original website wasn’t broken…) - Ken Korzcak, a call-back to episode 1!

Bigfoot As An Ancient Alien - An article examining the Bigfoot-Ancient Alien theory - Turns out you kids probably don’t believe in Bigfoot… - A Huffington Post article referring to the most likely evidence of Bigfoot/UFO coincidental sightings - Just a blog post ripping Ancient Aliens apart. Oh, soo much catharsis… - An article detailing the “portal belief” amongst Bigfoot hunters

SOME BIGFOOT VIDEOS FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT! a live eagle came with a… mysterious figure? Myia thinks Human. What do you think? Tweet us and let us know! a video about the “Minnesota Iceman”, and the unique circumstances surrounding some Bigfoot sightings; see Infrasound an analysis of a sighting in Oregon: An analysis of the walking pattern of humans vs Bigfoots in multiple examples (Independence Day video vs Patternson Gimlin Video, vs Bob H and Shaq…. As well as others.) bigfoot sightings (as well as Lizard (REPTILIANS!)) during the Solar Eclipse. Bigfoot Sightings Density Map

I just like the name of this website the best. Navajo bigfoot investigations

Bigfoot’s Occult Connections The Men In Black Phenomena, Bigfoot sightings. This is by the same author who wrote the Bullshit encyclopedia I talked about in the previous episodes. He’s ALL OVER this part of conspiracy theory, apparently.

This somehow links bigfoot, biblical/ancient giants, the nephilim (angels), supernatural phenomena, the End Times, the Great Pyramid, and the Freemasons. It’s a rather short adventure, but jeeze it gets your brain a-ponderin’. “from the government”.... Interesting.

ConSPiraCY! a percentage of believers in common conspiracies (photo/chart) the study of conspiracy and how long it would take a TRUE conspiracy to unravel at the seams…

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