Case File #6: The Shag Harbour Submersion

June 13, 2018

On this week's episode of The Spoop Files, we tackle Canada's best-documented UFO sighting. Hope you weren't expecting a week of debunkings and tragedy!

Supplementary Files


The incident Wikipedia - yes, we went there. a look back at the incident, from 50 years later another article from the town where the RCMP firat respondera reported from an audio recording about the Sightings from CBC radio


Shag Harbour the Shag Harbour UFO museum’s Trip Advisor Page. the museum’s website a yearly festival celebrating and trying to solve the mystery

Chris Styles - A bio page on Chris Styles by Northern UFO Research & Study - MUFON page about a presentation on the Shag Harbour Incident presented by Don Ledger - Penguin Books online page for Dark Object, with excerpts by Ledger and Styles


CFS Shelburne - A list of abandoned Canadian military bases in Nova Scotia, with a rather comprehensive description of CFS Shelburne and the SOSUS system - A description of CFS Shelburne, “For Posterity’s Sake” - Wikipedia article on CFS Shelburne (I know, Wikipedia, but sue me) - A rather fanciful loval version of the Shag Harbour UFO Incident and subsequent retreival from Government Point


Case File #5: Running for the HIlls Part 2

June 6, 2018

On this week's episode of The Spoop Files, we offer a (hopefully) comprehensive criticism of the Barney and Betty Hill case. Hope you're ready to have your "true believer" hats blown so far off of your heads that they may never come back!


Supplementary Files


Zeta Reticuli - Betty’s star map, reimagined with real-life locations that roughly match Betty’s “stars” - An updated re-release of the original Astronomy article about Zeta Reticuli and the Hills’ abduction story

Betty and Barney Hill - Skeptoid podcast on Betty and Barney Hill (a major source of inspiration for me) - Futurism article talking about how Betty Hill ended up basically crazy - An article on Betty and Barney Hill’s general (in)credibility by The Iron Skeptic Betty and Barney Hill summary, and 5 other unexplained UFO sightings


Alien Abductions - a discussion of abductuon phenomena in the USA, and why Aliens seem to abduct mostly White People - cows and the odd occurances of cow mutilations and the connection to aliens more about cattle mutilation again, cows


Case File #5: Running for the Hills Part 1

May 30, 2018

On this week's episode of The Spoop Files, we move out of Canada for the first time to cover America's first alien abduction case! This case is, in technical terms, is a doozy, and so it also happens to be our first two-part episode. Hope the cliffhanger doesn't leave you reeling!

Supplementary Files

Betty and Barney Kathleen Marden on UFO Hub discussing her aunt and uncle’s UFO encounter.


Books (in actual real life print, not digital sources!):


Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience: The True Story of the World's First Documented Alien Abduction; by Stanton T. Friedman, MSc., and Kathleen Marden

Published 2007, Career Press, Inc., and New Page Books, NJ, U.S.A.


Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers: The Truth Behind the Misinformation, Distortion, and Derision by Debunkers, Government Agencies, and Conspiracy Conmen; by Stanton T. Freidman and Kathleen Marden

Published 2016, Career Press, Inc. And New Page Books, NJ, U.S.A.


Regression Hypnosis - A breakdown of hypnotic regression - Some dangers of regression hypnosis - A nifty article on experiencing hypnotic regression - An article on some potential concerns about hypnotic regression


Case File #4: Searching for Sea Monsters

May 30, 2018

On the conclusion of the Canadian Water Cryptids saga, we take a look at some sea monsters stretching from sea to shining sea (but not really). More specifically, Caddy the Cadborosaurus, the elusive reptile of the Pacific, and the merhorse, the much-evolved equine of the Atlantic.


Supplementary Files

Cadborosaurus - indepth critique of Hagelund’s sighting, and an analysis of a paper's_Juvenile_Cadborosaur_Report the paper mentioned above Related creature in sanfrancisco bay concise alternatives for what caddy could be IRL the obligatory Cryptidz wikia article the Canadian Cryptozoological Society’s page on Caddy academic paper on Caddy


Merhorse - A blog post about an 1855 Nova Scotia sea serpent sighting that sounds like the Merhorse - A comparison between Cadborosaurus and Merhorse - A description of the Merhorse - A description of the Greek Hippocampus, mythological basis for the Merhorse?


Case File #3: Roving River Monsters

May 30, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, we take a look at Canada's (incredibly lacking) river monster game! Has Myia truly found evidence of a real life cryptid? Tune in to find out!


Supplementary Files

Maiden of the Mist - A recounting of the myth including the Evil Spirit of Famine - A different recounting of the myth featuring Chief Eagle Eye and human sacrifice - Another version of the myth - A 2014 article recounting a version of the myth - An article that does a very good job of covering both versions of the myth - Yet another retelling of the myth - Another retelling of the human sacrifice version of the myth - A discussion of the issues with the human sacrifice version of the myth - A retelling of the myth from a Niagara ghostwalks website (also talks about people who went over the Falls!)


Weewillmekq - A brief description of Weewillmekq - A legend featuring Weewillmekq as a river spirit - A different legend featuring Weewillmekq (AND a Wendigo!) - A legend detailing the truly terrifying nature of Weewillmekq - A BlogSpot post describing a battle between two Wabanaki water monsters


Fur-Bearing Trout - Wikipedia article detailing the phenom - review of the fur-bearing trout legend (SPOILERS!) - Vintage News article on the fur-bearing trout - Website dedicated to a splash page about the fur-bearing trout - An informative article about Saprolegnia


Case File #2: Land of the Lake Monsters

May 30, 2018

It's time to dive once more into The Spoop Files! This week, Alex and Myia look below the placid surface of some Canadian lakes on the hunt for some of Canada's most famous Lake Monsters! Will they find what they're looking for, or will they be left up the creek without a paddle?

Supplementary Files


Ogopogo - Ogopogo Quest main website - LiveScience Ogopogo description - Legend of Ogopogo - A sociological perspective on Ogopogo - Another Ogopogo description CBC Canada myth dump page. Links to other myths and mysteries, as well as more Ogopogo


Champ a fun conspiracy theorists page the native legends and more info surrounding the Horned Serpent The Search for Champ! Champ Tours! ALL that jazz. the Lake Champlain official tourism website’s history dump about Champy, Samuel de Champlain, and Lake Champlain itself. There are actually some fun pages on the main website itself. (it’s kind of a short history dump tbh) more native legends, and related mythological beings to the Gitaskog A SEA MONSTER DOCUMENTARY! MonsterQuest S01 E01 America’s Loch Ness Monster: The Monster of Lake Champlain (History Channel 2007)


Mishipeshu the jesuit guy from the story a great native resource about the legend an Ojibwe tale of Mishipeshu a short summary


Case File #1: Be Wary of the Wendigo

May 30, 2018

Hello and welcome to The Spoop Files, the show where we take a look at some of Canada's strangest cryptids, myths, mysteries, and alien encounters! Join us in our innaugural episode as we take a look at one of Canada's more terrifying Native American monsters. Make sure you're all bundled up nice and warm as we discuss... The Wendigo.


Supplementary Files

Wendigo Description - An interesting look at the Wendigo - A report on recent Wendigo sightings - Quite possibly the best look at the Wendigo - Another description of the Wendigo - A description of the Wendigo by locals (buy local!) - One origin of a Wendigo - Just… just read it. - Wikipedia article about Wendigo comics - Wikipedia article about Until Dawn, which features wendigos - Legion Magazine article on the wendigo (Extremely useful for sociological evidence!) an awesome cryptids resource


Wendigo Psychosis - Free Medical Dictionary definition of Wendigo Psychosis - A fairly interesting look at Wendigo Psychosis by a Professor of Gambling Studies (Pro tip: have your grain of salt already prepared before reading) - DSM-V list of Culture-bound Syndromes, where Wendigo Psychosis is suspiciously absent?


Wendigo Fever - A brief mention of Wendigo Fever on - you guessed it - a list. - A Wiki article that also mentions Wendigo Fever. Do you catch the theme here? - The D&D affliction that almost certainly started the idea (not the other way around)


Swift Runner - Edmonton Journal article about Swift Runner - Gods and Monsters article about Swift Runner, only SLIGHTLY pilfered from the Edmonton Journal - article (I didn’t even know that was a website what the heck) - KnowledgeNuts article about Swift Runner


Jack Fiddler - Biography on Jack Fiddler (Zhauwuno-Geezhigo-Gaubow) - Tumblr post describing Jack Fiddler - Article about power dynamics in the Jack Fiddler trial - An Ozy article on Jack Fiddler - article on Jack Fiddler


Native Legends how the dog came to the indians ojibwe stories


Related Monsters ice cannibals apparently the wendigo is possibly a sasquatch???