Case File #13: Encounter at Falcon Lake

August 8, 2018

This week, the Spoop Files head West as we look at Canada's Roswell, the Falcon Lake Incident of 1967.

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Supplementary Files

The Official RCMP Report on the Incident


Radiation Poisoning - Wikipedia article on ARS (I know, I know, Wikipedia) - The Mayo Clinic article on Radiation Sickness - An article on Chernobyl, just for discussion


Royal Canadian Mint - Canadian Coin & Currency website about the coin - Royal Canadian Mint page about the Falcon Lake Incident coin - CTV News article on the Falcon Lake Incident coin - A CBC News article on the same coin - A coin blog post about the Falcon Lake Incident coin and why it’s so popular


Case File #12: The Eerie Ijiraq

August 2, 2018

A day late and very, very north, we look at a creature who basks in the land of the midnight sun.


Supplementary Files

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Now onto the fun stuff:


Inukshuks an article by the Globe and Mail about why Inukshuks are harmful in Canadian Parks and Preserves

A section of an ebook (a preview) with the section about Inukshuk uses and history THE CANADIAN ENCYLOPEDIA! A fairly decent site for over-views about Canadian things, usually. the wikipedia article, of course. Myia doesn’t like it much. While it does make important notes about the linguistic history and connections between different inuit and arctic peoples. It glosses over the history of the statues however, and makes no mention of the mythological or cultural significance of the figures, only the practical uses.

The Ijiraq obligatory wikipedia article about the Ijiraq, because we suck. free preview sections of a book with some interesting accounts of meeting Ijirait a related monster (shadow-people)


Case File #11: “Weird Willy” Lyon Mackenzie King

July 25, 2018

You thought Trump was weird? HAH.


Supplementary Files - Our Patreon, because we're corporate shills.

William Lyon Mackenzie King - A Canadian Encyclopedia article on William Lyon Mackenzie King - A Government of Canada article on King - Britannica article on King’s life


King and the Occult


The Oedipus Complex - A Toronto Star article about reconciling King’s devotion to his mother with the concept of the Oedipus complex - A CBC Radio broadcast about King’s oddities - Another Star article that details most of King’s eccentricities - Britannica article on the Oedipus Complex - An article about the Oedipus Complex that goes pretty in-depth with the 5 Ws - An article that essentially breaks the Oedipus Complex down as a “Western Ideology” thing


Case File #10: Ghosts of Port Perry

July 18, 2018

On this week's episode of The Spoop Files, Alex, Myia and special guest Ivan delve into the multitude of ghostly apparitions within the confines of Port Perry, a small town with a big paranormal presence!

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Supplementary Files

Ghosts in general  myia doesn’t thinnk this list is complete… or even only ghost types, but its a good starting point, and it was used as that. types of hauntings. Also a good starting article while once again, not complete.  Myia included a ranker list because Alex hates them. Jejeje xD an Ontario-based paranormal research group; specifically their ghostly classification system

Jesters Court - A collection of stories about the Jesters Court restaurant in Port Perry - A blog post about Jesters Court - A ghost-walk article about Jesters Court, including a bit more of the history of Port Perry

Ghost Road an Ontario-based research groups’ catalogue of occurences along the road, as well as a short history of the area/general information a group actually discovered the real reason behind the lights, debunking the supernatural one.

Other haunted canadian roads some more interesting stories from the road, as well as experiemtns conducted about the motorcyclist apparently seen on the road the official website on Ghost road from Scugog township/Port Perry

Canadian/Ontario Ghosts pretty self explanitory link


Case File #9.5: Men Without Heads

July 13, 2018

I'd keep making headless puns, but I'm not about to stick my neck out for the consequences.

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Further Reading/Supplementary Files

AKA Myia-chose-Nahanni-Valley-as-a-Mini-Episode-Topic-then-spent-two-days-not-sleeping-while-researching-it-because-creepy-and-didn’t-want-to-change-the-topic-of-the-spoopy-friday-episode-so-she-decided-to-just-not-be-long-winded-but-she-still-wants-you-to-know-all-this-weird-scary-and-awesome-shit-so-here-is-a-bunch-of-sources-and-reading-material-on-the-subject-and-related-stuff-found-slightly-further-down-the-rabbit-hole. about the reserve/national park itself a short article on the weird stuff that’s happened in the valley a Cryptozoology blog from the USA. They are a cryptozoology society. They link you back to the Mysterious Universe page from above. a bunch of cool-ass places in the Northwest Territories. A lot of the are in or around the 30,000 square kilometres encompassed by Nahanni National Park Reserve. The Official Parks Canada page for the Park Reserve Disappearances in the Arctic. This also acts as a tie-in with Episode 11: Franklin Expedition . amateur documentary about Nahanni Park Reserve, filmed in 1958. a little factoid video about the disappearances in and around the Valley. Skip the first 30 or so seconds. It’s useless drivel about the video creator with weird pictures of him? for no reason whatsoever. the Reddit thread on the  /UnsolvedMysteries forum about the Nahanni Valley. The archived forum also brings up the interesting linguistic similarities between Dene and Navajo, indicating that the tribes may have been related at one time, and that despite the distance between them, the speakers of Na-Dene all consider themselves connected due to such close linguistic similarities. This brings into question the possibility of the Naha having potentially just migrated, if their ‘disappearance’ was early in the history, and not in the late 1800s are some sources suggest. this ‘conspiracy page’ (the black background and green text? Come on.) has an awesome section on the Nuk-luk (possible Sasquatch or Ancient Giant) as well as the waheela (extinct bear dog), as well as some teasings about the Hollow Earth entrance. Hollow Earth, A.K.A. “Shambala”.  Here’s a page about it and a list of the entrances to said Hollow Earth/ Lost World/ Nazi Paradise- I mean, what?   Please note, this page gets the Aboriginal nations who live in the Nahanni Valley area wrong so I take this page with a grain of salt because seriously? a) the Ojibwa and Chippewa are the same nation, just different names in the Canada and USA, and b) The Ojibwa/Chippewa are Anishnaabe peoples, who are from South Eastern Canada and North/Eastern United States. Yes, their range/territory is large, but we aren’t talking about the Iroquois league here. To be fair, some of the Algonquinian tribes so stretch up to just below Great Slave Lake, but that’s pre-settler contact I believe, and pre-migrations. The Ojibwe/Chippwewa for example did migrate East down into to the Great Lakes region from the Prairies, while still maintaining some of the territories in the Prairies region.

On the Nazi note:


and the obligatory Biblioteca Pleyades page about the whole Nazi connection: The original page is in Spanish, though most of their pages have English versions, which they link to on their page website, or the pages have teh English versions embedded. Or you can have fun like Myia, and read the spanish versions. exaggerates a bit, but also suggests haunting as a source for the Mysteries in the Nahanni Valley. This page also lists other fun places in Canada that are also legit haunted.


Case File #9: Hey, It’s the Franklin Expedition

July 11, 2018

Hope you're not sick of ships yet, as we've got yet another great one for you!

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Supplementary Files  There is currently an Exhibit on in the Canadian Musuem of History, Gatineau, QC, until September 30th, 2108 called Death in the Ice. a good article detailing not only the voyage, but also going into possible reasons for the death of the crew members whose bodies were recovered.  19 facts about the Expedition


The Inuit are on the Case:


Louie Kamookak - An interview with Louie Kamookak, where he talks about his theory on Franklin’s gravesite - Globe and Mail article on the loss of Louie Kamookak - Guardian article about Louie Kamookak’s death


Expedition and Aftermath - National Geographic article about the discovery of the Franklin Expedition ships - Canadian Encyclopedia article on Sir John Franklin - Timeline of the journey and discoveries (The parent website is a treasure trove!) - Parks Canada article on the Franklin Expedition - Guardian article about the discovery of the HMS Terror


Case File #8: The SS (Sunken Ship) Edmund Fitzgerald Part 2

July 4, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, Myia, Alex, and special guest-host Tyler delve into the theories surrounding the foundering of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. Isn't "foundering" such a fun word?


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Supplementary Files

Explanations: The History Channel’s Documentary “Deep Sea Detectives: The Death of the Edmund Fitzgerald” from the edmund fitzgerald official website a quick timeline of events relating to the Edmund Fitzgerald


Case File #8: The SS (Sunken Ship) Edmund Fitzgerald

June 27, 2018

These names are getting more convoluted. These descriptions are becoming less and less descriptive. Thank you to Gordon Lightfoot for the wonderful song I got to cover!

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Supplementary Files

The Edmund Fitzgerald timeline of the events, on the official Edmund Fitzgerald website  40 years after the event  article with pictures  background and theories from the Ontario Parks page, and information about Lake Superior obligatory wikipedia page about the wreck The Edmund Fitzgerald page on the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum - there are also pages with timeline, journey, reseourses, etc. - A lecture about the Edmund Fitzgerald this is a good site for more Great Lakes shipwrecks and Lighthouses. :)

Lake Superior

Human Interest: - a video segment about the discovery of the bodies of the crew members

Music about the Fitz Twenty Nine More Men, by Dr. Charlie Frederick. Gordon Lightfoot’s The Edmund Fitzgerald, with Lyrics.

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Wikipedia, naturally - The lyrics (and story re: the song) from Lightfoot’s own website - Why did Gordon Lightfoot write the world’s most haunting ballad? - Turns out Lightfoot mispronounced the name of the lake...


The following book was used heavily by Myia for her portion of the research. The book concisely lays out not only the history, but also the timeline of the Fitzgerald’s final voyage, and gives a quick summary of follow-up expeditions and outcomes of the investigation into the sinking of the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald. The information provided by the book was then supplemented and reinforced by the online sources, and documentaries.

Andra-Warner, Elle. Edmund Fitzgerald: the Legendary Great Lakes Shipwreck. North Shore Press, Grand Marais, MN; River Rocks Publishing, Thunder Bay, ON, 2006. Print.


Case File #7: Bill Barilko and the Maple Leafs Curse

June 20, 2018

On this week's episode of The Spoop Files, join Alex and Myia as they delve into some of hockey's most fascinating mysteries and try to determine just WHY exactly it is that the leafs are such a terrible team.

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Supplementary Files

The Hillman Hex unsung hero Pappin and his 1967 winning goal  the hex and Hillman himself

Bill Barilko we went there, obviously A story about the 11 years Bill Barilko was missing Barilko, and Leafs conspiracy?! a follow up to the conspiracy

The Curse


Case File #6: The Shag Harbour Submersion

June 13, 2018

On this week's episode of The Spoop Files, we tackle Canada's best-documented UFO sighting. Hope you weren't expecting a week of debunkings and tragedy!

Supplementary Files


The incident Wikipedia - yes, we went there. a look back at the incident, from 50 years later another article from the town where the RCMP firat respondera reported from an audio recording about the Sightings from CBC radio


Shag Harbour the Shag Harbour UFO museum’s Trip Advisor Page. the museum’s website a yearly festival celebrating and trying to solve the mystery

Chris Styles - A bio page on Chris Styles by Northern UFO Research & Study - MUFON page about a presentation on the Shag Harbour Incident presented by Don Ledger - Penguin Books online page for Dark Object, with excerpts by Ledger and Styles


CFS Shelburne - A list of abandoned Canadian military bases in Nova Scotia, with a rather comprehensive description of CFS Shelburne and the SOSUS system - A description of CFS Shelburne, “For Posterity’s Sake” - Wikipedia article on CFS Shelburne (I know, Wikipedia, but sue me) - A rather fanciful loval version of the Shag Harbour UFO Incident and subsequent retreival from Government Point