Case File #21-B: The Hunt for Hominids

October 10, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, Alex and Myia discuss various Bigfoot hunters from around the world, as well as Bigfoot hunting in general.


...Oh, and they were also really bad and didn't record their sources! If you'd like them, ask.


Case File #21-A: Basics of A Bigfoot

October 3, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, join Myia and Alex as they delve into the mysterious world of mountain men and tackle some terrifying tribes of creatures!

Supplementary Files,28804,1916160_1916151_1916130,00.html








Case File #20: Thunderbird and Lightning, Very Very Frightening!

September 26, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, join Alex and Myia as they soar to new heights in their investigation of Thunderbird. Caw Caw, motherfuckers.


Supplementary Files - article. Have grain of salt handy. - Still the best Native American resource for these things. - A Canadian Perspective - And an even more Canadian perspective. Doesn’t get much more Canadian than The Canadian Encyclopedia! - Another informative page

The legend Myia read during the episode: a review of the American Gods (by Neil Gaiman) chapters with Shadow and the Thuderbird. Spoilers obviously. the list Myia skim read at the end of the episode


Case File #19: The Ubiquitous American Feathered Serpent

September 19, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, Myia and Alex take a look at one of Central America's most influential gods. He's Gukumatz. He's Kukulkan. He is Quetzalcoatl!

Supplementary Files

Quetzalcoatl the obligatory wikipedia page. Not a bad one actually, as far as wiki pages go. The conspiracy involving the Abrahamic God and another conspiracy video. This time linked to the Annunaki (our alien creators). conspiracy page about Quetzacoatl Colonization and Oral Histories: How they connnect. AKA: Myia thinks the Vikings visited Mexico General Aztec creation myths from the same source as above same source as the last three… about the Mayan Equivalent the Mayan equivalent to Quetzacoatl’s wiki page


Kukulkan and Chichen Itza (Worship of the ubiquitous Flying serpent deity by the Mayans) about Kukulkan and Chichen Itza - a pyramid dedicated to the deity,_Chichen_Itza the wiki article on Chichen itza a second, slightly different article on Chichen itza????? the Nat Geo page about Chichen Itza as a World Heritage Site a quick sum-up of the temple to Kukulkan at Chichen Itza


Quetzacoatl / Kukulkan / Q’uq’umatz        AKA THE LINKED MESOAMERICAN DEITIES Quetzacoatl and the Meoamericans afterlife. It has an amazing story about the underworld and the duality of life and death. It's an amazing read. Q’ua’umatz’s obligatory wiki page another fucking linked deity. Another one. And I have barely made it into the rabbit hole of Mesoamerican creation myths. about the mayan book of the dead/creation mythology You can read the Popol Vuh here in English (The Spanish translation is listed under the “En Español” heading)


Cortes as Quetzalcoatl - Article about the whole Cortes-Montezuma thing - Tasty tasty forum debates… - A total breakdown of why Cortes is a filthy filthy liar


En Español a decent video (en español) “Who was Quetzacoatl?”  For my fellow gente bilingüe, o gente políglota, you may enjoy this. For English only speakers, see the English section above. un video sobre la profecía del regreso del Quetzacoatl aqui puedeis leer el Popol Vuh si no esteis como yo quien tiene una copia en mi biblioteca personal


Case File #18: Talkin’ ‘Bout Tunguska

September 12, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, Alex and Myia talk about the most devastating natural explosion since the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. How's that for a big bang?

Supplementary Files - In this case, Wikipedia is actually a pretty great reference - A BBC Earth article about Tunguska that offers a comprehensive look at all of the information we have about the event, as well as the likely explanation (meteor) - A Forbes article that goes even more in depth about the theories surrounding Tunguska - An article that cleanly sums up the Tunguska event without getting in to any of the less mainstream theories - Even NASA has a page on the event! - A similar asteroid airburst from 2013 (Also in Russia, coincidentally) - A Wired article describing why meteor airbursts occur - An article on airburst meteors and the dangers they pose - Researchers claim to have discovered blocks of alien origin in Tunguska samples - A comprehensive view of different Tunguska theories


Case File #17: Terror By the Numbers

September 5, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, join Myia and Alex as they tune into the mystery of numbers stations. What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Supplementary Files this is a page dedicated to tracking and researching number and enigma stations in general, as well as other signals military, or intelligence-based via shortwave radio. There is also a section that pulls up a radio-player and you can change the signal to listen in on shortwave transmissions. Maybe you’ll hear something! how shortwave radio works


Numbers stations in general generic info about numbers stations Akin’s research into number and enigma stations the subreddit for numbers stations. It has some great up-to-date details and information, and it’s a good place to start your rabbit hole from the obligatory wiki page, which actually isn’t that great to start from, but I did use some information from it. bbc article on the subject


UVB-76  UVB-76 recording with ???Technical failure???


Lincolnshire Poacher and Cherry Ripe  Documentary on the Lincolnshire Poacher a good website in terms of information (Cherry Ripe) the same website as above but for the Lincolnshire poacher


Case File #16: Memphré - Myth or Mystery?

August 29, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, Alex and Myia find themselves submerged once more as they tackle the mysterious resident of lac Memphrémagog in Québec. But will Memphré prove too elusive for even our hosts to uncover? Listen along to find out!

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Supplementary Files

Creature Feature - Memphré - An article on Memphré from Mysteries of Canada, which is quickly becoming one of our favourite sources - Website for the International Dracontology Society of Lake Memphremagog, created by none other than Jacques Boisvert himself - A Huffington Post article about Memphré - A tourism website about Magog, Québec, which briefly discusses Memphré - Official site for the “In Search of Memphré” yearly swim - CBC News article about the Memphré coin

Sightings - A rendering of what Jean Grenier saw

Skeptic’s Corner - Article describing the recent appearance of Northern Pike (not the band) in Lac Memphrémagog - Humpback whale’s Wikipedia page, for size and dietary/habitat comparisons


Case File #15: Something’s A-Foot In the Salish Sea

August 22, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, join Myia and Alex as they look at one of Canada's creepier aquatic mysteries.

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Supplementary Files

Today we talked about suicide briefly. Suicide is a serious issue. If you need help, reach out.


Reach out to resources available to you in your own country. We here at the Spoop FIles care about you. Get the help you need, we appreciate you as our listeners and want you to continue to be happy and healthy so you can keep serving you up the weirdness this world has to offer.

Missing Persons Information: a canada-wide database of missing people cold crimes and cold missing persons cases The official RCMP Database


The feet:


Case File #14: Strike True, Avro Arrow!

August 15, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, Alex, Myia, and special guest Dan take aim at Canada's most mythical plane. You heard me, we're talking about the Avro CF-105 Arrow!

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Supplementary Files


The Avro CF-105 Arrow - Technical specs and an interesting little article about the Arrow - More tech specs with some interesting facts at the bottom of the page - Wiki-that guy, you know - Just a pretty picture of the Arrow - The CF-105’s pappy - The hunt continues for several test models


Mothballed and Closing Shop - The Canadian Encyclopedia, boiiii - Wikipedia Article about Avro Canada, and specifically it ded - Global News asks, “What if?” - A plane buff’s thoughts on the whole thing


The Conspiracy a sum up another cool podcast’s take on the subject the eisenhower/alien connection on the seat found more on the seat - A discussion of what could have been, and what might have been the quebec connection


Case File #13: Encounter at Falcon Lake

August 8, 2018

This week, the Spoop Files head West as we look at Canada's Roswell, the Falcon Lake Incident of 1967.

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Supplementary Files

The Official RCMP Report on the Incident


Radiation Poisoning - Wikipedia article on ARS (I know, I know, Wikipedia) - The Mayo Clinic article on Radiation Sickness - An article on Chernobyl, just for discussion


Royal Canadian Mint - Canadian Coin & Currency website about the coin - Royal Canadian Mint page about the Falcon Lake Incident coin - CTV News article on the Falcon Lake Incident coin - A CBC News article on the same coin - A coin blog post about the Falcon Lake Incident coin and why it’s so popular