The Spoop Files Podcast

Case File #17: Terror By the Numbers

September 5, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, join Myia and Alex as they tune into the mystery of numbers stations. What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Supplementary Files this is a page dedicated to tracking and researching number and enigma stations in general, as well as other signals military, or intelligence-based via shortwave radio. There is also a section that pulls up a radio-player and you can change the signal to listen in on shortwave transmissions. Maybe you’ll hear something! how shortwave radio works


Numbers stations in general generic info about numbers stations Akin’s research into number and enigma stations the subreddit for numbers stations. It has some great up-to-date details and information, and it’s a good place to start your rabbit hole from the obligatory wiki page, which actually isn’t that great to start from, but I did use some information from it. bbc article on the subject


UVB-76  UVB-76 recording with ???Technical failure???


Lincolnshire Poacher and Cherry Ripe  Documentary on the Lincolnshire Poacher a good website in terms of information (Cherry Ripe) the same website as above but for the Lincolnshire poacher

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