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Case File #10: Ghosts of Port Perry

July 18, 2018

On this week's episode of The Spoop Files, Alex, Myia and special guest Ivan delve into the multitude of ghostly apparitions within the confines of Port Perry, a small town with a big paranormal presence!

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Supplementary Files

Ghosts in general  myia doesn’t thinnk this list is complete… or even only ghost types, but its a good starting point, and it was used as that. types of hauntings. Also a good starting article while once again, not complete.  Myia included a ranker list because Alex hates them. Jejeje xD an Ontario-based paranormal research group; specifically their ghostly classification system

Jesters Court - A collection of stories about the Jesters Court restaurant in Port Perry - A blog post about Jesters Court - A ghost-walk article about Jesters Court, including a bit more of the history of Port Perry

Ghost Road an Ontario-based research groups’ catalogue of occurences along the road, as well as a short history of the area/general information a group actually discovered the real reason behind the lights, debunking the supernatural one.

Other haunted canadian roads some more interesting stories from the road, as well as experiemtns conducted about the motorcyclist apparently seen on the road the official website on Ghost road from Scugog township/Port Perry

Canadian/Ontario Ghosts pretty self explanitory link

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