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Classified Triskaidekaphobia File #1: Men Without Heads

July 13, 2018

I'd keep making headless puns, but I'm not about to stick my neck out for the consequences.

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Further Reading/Supplementary Files

AKA Myia-chose-Nahanni-Valley-as-a-Mini-Episode-Topic-then-spent-two-days-not-sleeping-while-researching-it-because-creepy-and-didn’t-want-to-change-the-topic-of-the-spoopy-friday-episode-so-she-decided-to-just-not-be-long-winded-but-she-still-wants-you-to-know-all-this-weird-scary-and-awesome-shit-so-here-is-a-bunch-of-sources-and-reading-material-on-the-subject-and-related-stuff-found-slightly-further-down-the-rabbit-hole. about the reserve/national park itself a short article on the weird stuff that’s happened in the valley a Cryptozoology blog from the USA. They are a cryptozoology society. They link you back to the Mysterious Universe page from above. a bunch of cool-ass places in the Northwest Territories. A lot of the are in or around the 30,000 square kilometres encompassed by Nahanni National Park Reserve. The Official Parks Canada page for the Park Reserve Disappearances in the Arctic. This also acts as a tie-in with Episode 11: Franklin Expedition . amateur documentary about Nahanni Park Reserve, filmed in 1958. a little factoid video about the disappearances in and around the Valley. Skip the first 30 or so seconds. It’s useless drivel about the video creator with weird pictures of him? for no reason whatsoever. the Reddit thread on the  /UnsolvedMysteries forum about the Nahanni Valley. The archived forum also brings up the interesting linguistic similarities between Dene and Navajo, indicating that the tribes may have been related at one time, and that despite the distance between them, the speakers of Na-Dene all consider themselves connected due to such close linguistic similarities. This brings into question the possibility of the Naha having potentially just migrated, if their ‘disappearance’ was early in the history, and not in the late 1800s are some sources suggest. this ‘conspiracy page’ (the black background and green text? Come on.) has an awesome section on the Nuk-luk (possible Sasquatch or Ancient Giant) as well as the waheela (extinct bear dog), as well as some teasings about the Hollow Earth entrance. Hollow Earth, A.K.A. “Shambala”.  Here’s a page about it and a list of the entrances to said Hollow Earth/ Lost World/ Nazi Paradise- I mean, what?   Please note, this page gets the Aboriginal nations who live in the Nahanni Valley area wrong so I take this page with a grain of salt because seriously? a) the Ojibwa and Chippewa are the same nation, just different names in the Canada and USA, and b) The Ojibwa/Chippewa are Anishnaabe peoples, who are from South Eastern Canada and North/Eastern United States. Yes, their range/territory is large, but we aren’t talking about the Iroquois league here. To be fair, some of the Algonquinian tribes so stretch up to just below Great Slave Lake, but that’s pre-settler contact I believe, and pre-migrations. The Ojibwe/Chippwewa for example did migrate East down into to the Great Lakes region from the Prairies, while still maintaining some of the territories in the Prairies region.

On the Nazi note:


and the obligatory Biblioteca Pleyades page about the whole Nazi connection: The original page is in Spanish, though most of their pages have English versions, which they link to on their page website, or the pages have teh English versions embedded. Or you can have fun like Myia, and read the spanish versions. exaggerates a bit, but also suggests haunting as a source for the Mysteries in the Nahanni Valley. This page also lists other fun places in Canada that are also legit haunted.

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