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Case File #9: Hey, It’s the Franklin Expedition

July 11, 2018

Hope you're not sick of ships yet, as we've got yet another great one for you!

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Supplementary Files  There is currently an Exhibit on in the Canadian Musuem of History, Gatineau, QC, until September 30th, 2108 called Death in the Ice. a good article detailing not only the voyage, but also going into possible reasons for the death of the crew members whose bodies were recovered.  19 facts about the Expedition


The Inuit are on the Case:


Louie Kamookak - An interview with Louie Kamookak, where he talks about his theory on Franklin’s gravesite - Globe and Mail article on the loss of Louie Kamookak - Guardian article about Louie Kamookak’s death


Expedition and Aftermath - National Geographic article about the discovery of the Franklin Expedition ships - Canadian Encyclopedia article on Sir John Franklin - Timeline of the journey and discoveries (The parent website is a treasure trove!) - Parks Canada article on the Franklin Expedition - Guardian article about the discovery of the HMS Terror

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