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Case File #8: Part 1: The SS (Sunken Ship) Edmund Fitzgerald

June 27, 2018

These names are getting more convoluted. These descriptions are becoming less and less descriptive. Thank you to Gordon Lightfoot for the wonderful song I got to cover!

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Supplementary Files

The Edmund Fitzgerald timeline of the events, on the official Edmund Fitzgerald website  40 years after the event  article with pictures  background and theories from the Ontario Parks page, and information about Lake Superior obligatory wikipedia page about the wreck The Edmund Fitzgerald page on the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum - there are also pages with timeline, journey, reseourses, etc. - A lecture about the Edmund Fitzgerald this is a good site for more Great Lakes shipwrecks and Lighthouses. :)

Lake Superior

Human Interest: - a video segment about the discovery of the bodies of the crew members

Music about the Fitz Twenty Nine More Men, by Dr. Charlie Frederick. Gordon Lightfoot’s The Edmund Fitzgerald, with Lyrics.

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Wikipedia, naturally - The lyrics (and story re: the song) from Lightfoot’s own website - Why did Gordon Lightfoot write the world’s most haunting ballad? - Turns out Lightfoot mispronounced the name of the lake...


The following book was used heavily by Myia for her portion of the research. The book concisely lays out not only the history, but also the timeline of the Fitzgerald’s final voyage, and gives a quick summary of follow-up expeditions and outcomes of the investigation into the sinking of the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald. The information provided by the book was then supplemented and reinforced by the online sources, and documentaries.

Andra-Warner, Elle. Edmund Fitzgerald: the Legendary Great Lakes Shipwreck. North Shore Press, Grand Marais, MN; River Rocks Publishing, Thunder Bay, ON, 2006. Print.

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