The Spoop Files Podcast

Case File #6: The Shag Harbour Submersion

June 13, 2018

On this week's episode of The Spoop Files, we tackle Canada's best-documented UFO sighting. Hope you weren't expecting a week of debunkings and tragedy!

Supplementary Files


The incident Wikipedia - yes, we went there. a look back at the incident, from 50 years later another article from the town where the RCMP firat respondera reported from an audio recording about the Sightings from CBC radio


Shag Harbour the Shag Harbour UFO museum’s Trip Advisor Page. the museum’s website a yearly festival celebrating and trying to solve the mystery

Chris Styles - A bio page on Chris Styles by Northern UFO Research & Study - MUFON page about a presentation on the Shag Harbour Incident presented by Don Ledger - Penguin Books online page for Dark Object, with excerpts by Ledger and Styles


CFS Shelburne - A list of abandoned Canadian military bases in Nova Scotia, with a rather comprehensive description of CFS Shelburne and the SOSUS system - A description of CFS Shelburne, “For Posterity’s Sake” - Wikipedia article on CFS Shelburne (I know, Wikipedia, but sue me) - A rather fanciful loval version of the Shag Harbour UFO Incident and subsequent retreival from Government Point

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