The Spoop Files Podcast

Case File #4: Searching for Sea Monsters

May 30, 2018

On the conclusion of the Canadian Water Cryptids saga, we take a look at some sea monsters stretching from sea to shining sea (but not really). More specifically, Caddy the Cadborosaurus, the elusive reptile of the Pacific, and the merhorse, the much-evolved equine of the Atlantic.

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Supplementary Files

Cadborosaurus - indepth critique of Hagelund’s sighting, and an analysis of a paper's_Juvenile_Cadborosaur_Report the paper mentioned above Related creature in sanfrancisco bay concise alternatives for what caddy could be IRL the obligatory Cryptidz wikia article the Canadian Cryptozoological Society’s page on Caddy academic paper on Caddy


Merhorse - A blog post about an 1855 Nova Scotia sea serpent sighting that sounds like the Merhorse - A comparison between Cadborosaurus and Merhorse - A description of the Merhorse - A description of the Greek Hippocampus, mythological basis for the Merhorse?

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