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Case File #3: Roving River Monsters

May 30, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, we take a look at Canada's (incredibly lacking) river monster game! Has Myia truly found evidence of a real life cryptid? Tune in to find out!

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Supplementary Files

Maiden of the Mist - A recounting of the myth including the Evil Spirit of Famine - A different recounting of the myth featuring Chief Eagle Eye and human sacrifice - Another version of the myth - A 2014 article recounting a version of the myth - An article that does a very good job of covering both versions of the myth - Yet another retelling of the myth - Another retelling of the human sacrifice version of the myth - A discussion of the issues with the human sacrifice version of the myth - A retelling of the myth from a Niagara ghostwalks website (also talks about people who went over the Falls!)


Weewillmekq - A brief description of Weewillmekq - A legend featuring Weewillmekq as a river spirit - A different legend featuring Weewillmekq (AND a Wendigo!) - A legend detailing the truly terrifying nature of Weewillmekq - A BlogSpot post describing a battle between two Wabanaki water monsters


Fur-Bearing Trout - Wikipedia article detailing the phenom - review of the fur-bearing trout legend (SPOILERS!) - Vintage News article on the fur-bearing trout - Website dedicated to a splash page about the fur-bearing trout - An informative article about Saprolegnia

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