The Spoop Files Podcast

Case File #21-C: The Abdominal Snowman

October 17, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, Alex wants to believe and Myia wants to leave.


Supplementary Files


The Legend - Ahh, LiveScience… - You gotta BBC this! - CBC this time, same joke applies

The Sightings - Several sightings, all in a row… - One Yeti hunter with years to show...

The Science don’t go breaking my heart… but it’s true! Bears might be the culprit, not a hominid! an article about Sykes’ original analysis Syke’s controversial paper another way to access Syke’s paper debunking Syke’s paper more debunkery

The Follow up Studies and the Scientific Debunking and Support of Sykes’ research: the follow up article on Sykes’ work. is the abominable snowman a bear? An article linked in the previous article regarding Syke’s findings and his theory on Yeti and Bears the article about the Cave Bear DNA (the most recent follow up to Sykes’ research into ancient bear DNA). The study cited in the above article. more on Tibetan and Himalayan Brown bears

The Hoax Dr Melba Ketchum’s apparent Bigfoot DNA project, which has never born fruit, foot, or even a properly peer-reviewed article.

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