The Spoop Files Podcast

Case File #2: Land of the Lake Monsters

May 30, 2018

It's time to dive once more into The Spoop Files! This week, Alex and Myia look below the placid surface of some Canadian lakes on the hunt for some of Canada's most famous Lake Monsters! Will they find what they're looking for, or will they be left up the creek without a paddle?

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Supplementary Files


Ogopogo - Ogopogo Quest main website - LiveScience Ogopogo description - Legend of Ogopogo - A sociological perspective on Ogopogo - Another Ogopogo description CBC Canada myth dump page. Links to other myths and mysteries, as well as more Ogopogo


Champ a fun conspiracy theorists page the native legends and more info surrounding the Horned Serpent The Search for Champ! Champ Tours! ALL that jazz. the Lake Champlain official tourism website’s history dump about Champy, Samuel de Champlain, and Lake Champlain itself. There are actually some fun pages on the main website itself. (it’s kind of a short history dump tbh) more native legends, and related mythological beings to the Gitaskog A SEA MONSTER DOCUMENTARY! MonsterQuest S01 E01 America’s Loch Ness Monster: The Monster of Lake Champlain (History Channel 2007)


Mishipeshu the jesuit guy from the story a great native resource about the legend an Ojibwe tale of Mishipeshu a short summary

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