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Case File #19: The Ubiquitous American Feathered Serpent

September 19, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, Myia and Alex take a look at one of Central America's most influential gods. He's Gukumatz. He's Kukulkan. He is Quetzalcoatl!

Supplementary Files

Quetzalcoatl the obligatory wikipedia page. Not a bad one actually, as far as wiki pages go. The conspiracy involving the Abrahamic God and another conspiracy video. This time linked to the Annunaki (our alien creators). conspiracy page about Quetzacoatl Colonization and Oral Histories: How they connnect. AKA: Myia thinks the Vikings visited Mexico General Aztec creation myths from the same source as above same source as the last three… about the Mayan Equivalent the Mayan equivalent to Quetzacoatl’s wiki page


Kukulkan and Chichen Itza (Worship of the ubiquitous Flying serpent deity by the Mayans) about Kukulkan and Chichen Itza - a pyramid dedicated to the deity,_Chichen_Itza the wiki article on Chichen itza a second, slightly different article on Chichen itza????? the Nat Geo page about Chichen Itza as a World Heritage Site a quick sum-up of the temple to Kukulkan at Chichen Itza


Quetzacoatl / Kukulkan / Q’uq’umatz        AKA THE LINKED MESOAMERICAN DEITIES Quetzacoatl and the Meoamericans afterlife. It has an amazing story about the underworld and the duality of life and death. It's an amazing read. Q’ua’umatz’s obligatory wiki page another fucking linked deity. Another one. And I have barely made it into the rabbit hole of Mesoamerican creation myths. about the mayan book of the dead/creation mythology You can read the Popol Vuh here in English (The Spanish translation is listed under the “En Español” heading)


Cortes as Quetzalcoatl - Article about the whole Cortes-Montezuma thing - Tasty tasty forum debates… - A total breakdown of why Cortes is a filthy filthy liar


En Español a decent video (en español) “Who was Quetzacoatl?”  For my fellow gente bilingüe, o gente políglota, you may enjoy this. For English only speakers, see the English section above. un video sobre la profecía del regreso del Quetzacoatl aqui puedeis leer el Popol Vuh si no esteis como yo quien tiene una copia en mi biblioteca personal

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