The Spoop Files Podcast

Case File #18: Talkin’ ‘Bout Tunguska

September 12, 2018

This week on The Spoop Files, Alex and Myia talk about the most devastating natural explosion since the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. How's that for a big bang?

Supplementary Files - In this case, Wikipedia is actually a pretty great reference - A BBC Earth article about Tunguska that offers a comprehensive look at all of the information we have about the event, as well as the likely explanation (meteor) - A Forbes article that goes even more in depth about the theories surrounding Tunguska - An article that cleanly sums up the Tunguska event without getting in to any of the less mainstream theories - Even NASA has a page on the event! - A similar asteroid airburst from 2013 (Also in Russia, coincidentally) - A Wired article describing why meteor airbursts occur - An article on airburst meteors and the dangers they pose - Researchers claim to have discovered blocks of alien origin in Tunguska samples - A comprehensive view of different Tunguska theories

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