The Spoop Files Podcast

Case File #12: The Eerie Ijiraq

August 2, 2018

A day late and very, very north, we look at a creature who basks in the land of the midnight sun.


Supplementary Files

First, because we aren’t above begging and bribery (we are doing some bonus material, and have some fun projects we want to do when we hit certain donor milestones) so here is the link to our Patreon:

Now onto the fun stuff:


Inukshuks an article by the Globe and Mail about why Inukshuks are harmful in Canadian Parks and Preserves

A section of an ebook (a preview) with the section about Inukshuk uses and history THE CANADIAN ENCYLOPEDIA! A fairly decent site for over-views about Canadian things, usually. the wikipedia article, of course. Myia doesn’t like it much. While it does make important notes about the linguistic history and connections between different inuit and arctic peoples. It glosses over the history of the statues however, and makes no mention of the mythological or cultural significance of the figures, only the practical uses.

The Ijiraq obligatory wikipedia article about the Ijiraq, because we suck. free preview sections of a book with some interesting accounts of meeting Ijirait a related monster (shadow-people)

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