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Case File #1: Be Wary of the Wendigo

May 30, 2018

Hello and welcome to The Spoop Files, the show where we take a look at some of Canada's strangest cryptids, myths, mysteries, and alien encounters! Join us in our innaugural episode as we take a look at one of Canada's more terrifying Native American monsters. Make sure you're all bundled up nice and warm as we discuss... The Wendigo.

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Supplementary Files

Wendigo Description - An interesting look at the Wendigo - A report on recent Wendigo sightings - Quite possibly the best look at the Wendigo - Another description of the Wendigo - A description of the Wendigo by locals (buy local!) - One origin of a Wendigo - Just… just read it. - Wikipedia article about Wendigo comics - Wikipedia article about Until Dawn, which features wendigos - Legion Magazine article on the wendigo (Extremely useful for sociological evidence!) an awesome cryptids resource


Wendigo Psychosis - Free Medical Dictionary definition of Wendigo Psychosis - A fairly interesting look at Wendigo Psychosis by a Professor of Gambling Studies (Pro tip: have your grain of salt already prepared before reading) - DSM-V list of Culture-bound Syndromes, where Wendigo Psychosis is suspiciously absent?


Wendigo Fever - A brief mention of Wendigo Fever on - you guessed it - a list. - A Wiki article that also mentions Wendigo Fever. Do you catch the theme here? - The D&D affliction that almost certainly started the idea (not the other way around)


Swift Runner - Edmonton Journal article about Swift Runner - Gods and Monsters article about Swift Runner, only SLIGHTLY pilfered from the Edmonton Journal - article (I didn’t even know that was a website what the heck) - KnowledgeNuts article about Swift Runner


Jack Fiddler - Biography on Jack Fiddler (Zhauwuno-Geezhigo-Gaubow) - Tumblr post describing Jack Fiddler - Article about power dynamics in the Jack Fiddler trial - An Ozy article on Jack Fiddler - article on Jack Fiddler


Native Legends how the dog came to the indians ojibwe stories


Related Monsters ice cannibals apparently the wendigo is possibly a sasquatch???

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